We build your Brexit Bridge to Europe.

You can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails.

Our hometown Hamburg - your Brexit Bridge to Europe.

We help you start your business in Europe.

Do you have any plans to start up in Europe after Brexit? We help you!

What do we offer?

We are a consulting firm  and can help you starting up in Germany or Europe after the Brexit. Our experienced team helps you establishing your business in Germany or elsewhere in Europe - starting from company registration, sales and export to the European market, marketing and PR - till rental of office space and staff recruiting. Or what else you need, such as working with you around your Brexit strategy for Europe.

Where is our focus?

Our strength lies in the pragmatic approach in which we are actively involved in the business. We are experienced entrepreneurs and executives, and have a "hands-on" mentality. We mainly advise in sales and marketing in Germany and Europe, but also in a number of technical and economic areas. In addition we step in as interim management or sparring partners if you need a second opinion how to continue in Europe after the Brexit.

Why us?

We have years of experience with entrepreneurship and managing international companies in Europe and we are able to find fast and pragmatic solutions to all your Brexit challenges. We know how important an effective and rapid implementation of solution concepts is, and we work purposefully - even with short deadlines. And we understand the German and European business culture!

Nordic Consulting Team – We help you be successful in Europe!

Are you looking for a consulting firm in Germany in order to help you starting up your business in Europe after the Brexit? Then you are exactly right with us.

With many changes due to the Brexit, businesses are going to need to undertake a significant overhaul of their internal structures, systems and strategies – which is where advice and guidance from a Brexit consultant will come in useful.

We work as your Brexit advisor and are specialized in start up businesses in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. Also if you need advice how to improve your already existing business in Europe after the Brexit, we are at your disposal. The future development of your company after the Brexit requires a well thought-out strategy. Our advice will help you to find the best approach for your company after Brexit.

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Your Brexit Strategy: New business models for Germany and Europe

As an experienced business consultant, we help you find the right Brexit strategy if you want to bring new products or services to the European market. We also help you develop and evaluate new business areas and analyze sales opportunities in the German and European markets after the Brexit. Taking the Brexit into account, we create an individual strategy for your approach in Europe. Through our advice, you will learn how to get the most out of the European market and achieve your sales and earnings targets.

Advice for your sale in Germany and Europe

You need advice for your sales in Germany or Europe after the Brexit? With our sales experience, we are at your disposal for any sales advice. Within the scope of our sales consulting, we identify potentials and create a market and competitor analysis if desired. Your sales staff will get new motivation and the necessary know-how to become better and even more successful. In some cases, restructuring of your sales department after the Brexit is necessary. As headhunters and HR consultants, we are recruiting reliable sales professionals in the event of a necessary restructuring after the Brexit.
Interim Management

We are also specialized in interim management. If you are planning a new business area or a subsidiary after the Brexit, we are happy to take a leadership position for a certain period of time. In addition, we are interim managers for restructuring or other temporary projects. Thanks to our many years of experience in managing companies, we are the perfect contact for interim management. As entrepreneurs, our strength lies in the pragmatic approach with which we develop pro-active problem solutions. You will benefit from our experience and you can bridge any vacancy with our team.

Restructuring after Brexit?

Your company is in crisis after the Brexit? Restructuring your company can be helpful. By restructuring a company, costs and revenues are optimized, the company strategy is revised, controlling is improved and sales is made profitable. A headcount reduction is often a part of a successful restructuring. We are also at your disposal in this restructuring process and carry out this optimization together with you. And remember: the sooner you carry out restructuring, the greater your improvement opportunity.

Strategy, consulting, restructuring 

Is your company looking for a management consulting firm helping you to improve your business after the Brexit? We not only work as consultants, but also support you as interim managers in a restructuring situation. If you need advice to optimize your sales after the Brexit, then we are the right choice. As experienced sales professionals, we are at your disposal. Successful development of new business units is the result of a targeted Brexit strategy. Our advice improves the sales opportunities for new products and services, taking the competitors, the market conditions and the Brexit into account.

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